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A Graveyard Preservation Primer

Considered a classic in its field, A Graveyard Preservation Primer is a well-regarded resource for information regarding the protection and preservation of historic burial grounds.

The book discusses all major areas of a preservation project, including the cultural and historical significance of burial grounds, planning, research, documentation, photography, and mapping, as well as landscape preservation, marker conservation, maintenance, safety, working with volunteers, fundraising, and legislation. The importance of landscapes to the integrity and cultural value of a site is examined. Information concerning conservation of markers and monuments is presented in depth. Numerous photos and illustrations show how implementation of various aspects of site preservation is accomplished.

An effort to educate friends’ groups, churches, municipalities, and site stewards regarding how to understand and responsibly preserve these important historic resources without sacrificing their historic integrity, this comprehensive manual seeks to serve as a guide for those wishing to conserve historic graveyards without unwittingly causing more damage. Discussion of materials and techniques helps readers to consider options in graveyard preservation and maintenance.

The Primer is a good first choice in educating oneself or others before beginning any burial ground project.

A bibliography, sample survey forms, sample legislation, and suggestions for locating professional assistance are found in the appendices.


NEW!!! Second Edition!!

A completely revised and updated of A Graveyard Preservation Primer was just released in September of 2013.This fresh, updated edition has new information regarding plan development, documentation, research, landscaping, archaeology, current conservation treatments, public use of historic graveyards, and ethics, as well as completely updated appendices. This revision reflects both changes in technology and also changes in current thought and uses over the years. These changes make the new A Graveyard Preservation Primer a first-choice option for site managers, non-profits, students, practitioners and would-be practitioners, and others interested in the field of historic burial ground preservation.

To purchase A Graveyard Preservation Primer, contact your favorite bookseller, the Association for Gravestone Studies, or Lynette Strangstad at the above address.